Jariah Syn (2)Full unit name: Syn, Jariah
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Basic info
First appearance: Star Wars Legacy : Broken, part 2
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Relations: Bounty Hunter, Pirate
Jariah Syn was a male human bounty hunter who was the son of Zareb Syn and a co-pilot of the starship Mynock, the crew of which also included his friends Deliah Blue and Cade Skywalker during the time of the Second Imperial Civil War against Darth Krayt (A'Sharad Hett) and the One Sith.
When Syn was seven years old, his father Zareb Syn was slain by the Cathar Jedi Rasi Tuum during the former's raid on the mining world Roon. To honor his late friend, the Feeorin pirate Rav raised Syn in Zareb's stead, and played to Syn's hatred of the Jedi by telling him falsehoods about the Jedi Order. As he grew, Syn learned how to use Yuuzhan Vong weaponry from Chonyo, a Yuuzhan Vong member of the crew of Rav's ship, the Crimson Axe.
In the aftermath of the Massacre at Ossus, Rav's crew, including Syn, came across Jedi Padawan Cade Skywalker floating in the debris above the planet. Despite misgivings from Rav, Syn, unaware that Skywalker was a Jedi, insisted that Skywalker join their crew. The two became close friends, although Skywalker hid his Jedi background from Syn and the rest of the Crimson Axe crew. At some point, the pair left Rav's crew and struck out on their own, having recruited the Zeltron mechanic Deliah Blue as the third crew member of the ship Mynock.
In 137 ABY, Syn found himself unwittingly caught up in the Second Imperial Civil War after a job on Vendaxa revealed that his captain was not only a Jedi, but the heir to the Skywalker bloodline. As a result of his association with Skywalker, Syn, as well as Blue, were captured by Imperials and used as pawns in the Sith's effort to turn Skywalker to the dark side. After they were freed, Syn would later come to terms with Skywalker's connection to the Force and would provide backup for Skywalker on his various missions. Syn would subsequently also come to terms with his father's death after encountering Rasi Tuum during a mission at the Hidden Temple and hearing his side of the story.


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Full unit name: Syn, Jariah Last updated: 18.07.2022 16:09:43