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First appearance: The Correlian Trilogy, Book 2 - Assault at Selonia


Talus was one of the Twin Worlds located in the Corellian system that orbited Centerpoint Station, the other being Tralus, its sister planet. It was one of the five habitable planets in the system, and was a temperate world very similar to Corellia. It had a wide range of climates and terrain, including forests, grass plains and mud flats.

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Friends of Old : Talus - Wilderness (Gideon Argus)
Friends of Old : Talus - Wilderness (Gideon Argus)
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Argus, Gideon | Imperial Stormtrooper | Friends of Old | Rebel Alliance Special Forces

There is a strong feel that the picture shows not Tralus but Endor, but at least it doesn't explicitly contradict anything

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