Terez, Gooti (1)
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First appearance: Star Wars Rebels (TV Series)
Species: Theelin
Relations: Iron Squadron


Gooti Terez was a female Theelin who served as member of Iron Squadron and later lieutenant in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. She opposed the Galactic Empire alongside her squadmates, Mart Mattin, Jonner Jin, and R3-A3. In 2 BBY, Gooti and her fellow Iron Squadron fighters clashed with an Imperial advance patrol. With the help of the Spectres and Phoenix Cell, Gooti and her team managed to destroy the Imperial patrol. After some discussion, she along with Jonner and R3-A3 heeded Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren's advice that they could not fight the Empire on their own. They managed to escape the system but were forced to leave Mart behind. She and her fellow Iron Squadron mates then joined forces with the Spectres to rescue Mart. Following the rescue, Gooti and the Iron Squadron joined the rebellion.

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Mart Mattin | Sato's Hammer (Unique)
Mart Mattin | Sato's Hammer (Unique)
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