The Water Pirates (15)Full unit name: The Water Pirates (Tatooine)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
Happened during: Forge the Future
Relations: Tatooine
Known Facts (3)
"How? Ask nicely? We've got no weapons. They steal our water, then mark up the price to sell on the black market."
- Dester to the Republic operatives

It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine. After the operatives checked on the militiamen at Largona Outpost, whom they had rescued from Manister Base, they were approached by Dester, a local moisture farmer. He asked them to help with the Twin Sun Pirates, who stole water from the settlement and planned to sell it on the black market. The operatives agreed to help, and Dester gave them four empty water containers to fetch. They got on their speeders and drove to the Suns' Rise Ridge region where the Twins Suns had one of their bases.
Operatives found the base and made an initial reconnaissance. The base was well defended by various members of the Twin Suns - female raiders, ravagers - well known for their electroblade skills, technicians and several commanders. Heavy destroyer droids supplemented the defenses, and several probe droids patrolled the area outside. Operatives also found several water storage tanks prepared for the shipment. Since the plan was not only to return the water, but also to make the pirates think twice before attacking the settlements next time, the operatives decided to attack head-on. The fight was fierce and tense, the Twin Suns' thugs were well trained, but they were no match for the hardened operatives. In the end, many of the Twin Suns were killed, most of their droids were destroyed, and the rest fled into the desert. The operatives filled the containers with water and returned to the outpost. Dester warmly thanked them and promised that this water would be distributed free of charge to all who needed it, as a sign of solidarity.
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Full unit name: The Water Pirates (Tatooine) Last updated: 07.08.2022 23:04:27