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First appearance: Star Wars : Dark Empire
The Theelin were a species of Near-Humans notable for their artistic talent, their colorful appearance, and their unfortunate and tragic history. The original appearance of the Theelin is officially uncertain, as almost all known "Theelin" were not full-blooded specimens, but hybrids. It is possible that some aspects of these individuals' appearances were not from their Theelin genes, but from other Human or Near-Human ancestors; the differences could also be related to the very mutations that were plaguing the species. Most, however, had vividly colored hair and pale skin, sometimes with purple or reddish tones, and often mottled with colorful spots. While the half-Human, half-Theelin outlaw tech Shug Ninx had seemingly humanoid feet but three-fingered hands, other beings of Theelin blood had human-like five-fingered hands. Similarly, Rystall Sant, a Human/Theelin hybrid who was part of the Max Rebo Band, had six small horns on the sides of her head, these were absent from other known Theelin, except Diva Arroquitas, Latts Razzi, and Darth Phobos. Sant also had reptile-like feet with thick nails on all sides, an attribute she shared with Diva Shaliqua and Phobos, while Razzi had feet with three forward-facing toes.
Known members
Ninx, Shug
Razzi, Latts
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Return of the Jedi : Jabba the Hutt's Dancers (69849)
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Return of the Jedi : Jabba the Hutt's Dancers (69849)
69849 / 69650
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