Tibidee (1)Full unit name: Tibidee (Creature)
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Basic info
First appearance: Star Wars Rebels (TV Series)
Native to: Stygeon Prime
Tibidees were a type of giant silicon-based creature native to Stygeon Prime, though they could also be found on other mountainous Outer Rim planets, such as Oosalon. The creatures were able to fly gracefully through a combination of their giant flat wings and internal gasbags. They had green eyes and long tails, and a mating call that sounded similar to some communication frequencies, sometimes causing the frequencies to attract the creatures. This led a group of tibidees to think that the jamming frequency of the Phantom, an attack shuttle, was a mating call. Though normally gentle, tibidees would attack anything they felt was threatening, including stormtroopers. They were remotely related to neebrays and mynocks, both of which were also pests to starships.


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Full unit name: Tibidee (Creature) Last updated: 23.08.2022 19:23:48