Toydarian (3)
Toydarians were a race of winged mammalian beings from the planet Toydaria. Strong-willed, and resistant to manipulation of the mind through the Force, this species produced a body odor similar to sweetspice. With a reputation for being stingy and bad-tempered, many Toydarians were possessed of a strong sense of pride in their work. The Toydarians had stubby facial tusks which protruded from their lower jaw and framed a short pudgy trunk. Typically a Toydarian had blue-green skin, except over their stomachs which were cream-colored, and each hand and their webbed feet had three digits each. While their stubby legs could support their body weight, Toydarians' primary mode of locomotion was their use of the wings on their upper back. Despite the frailty of their wings and the apparent heaviness of their large gut, Toydarians were remarkably buoyant. Indeed, Toydarian bodily tissue was extremely absorbent of natural gases in the air, which made them incredibly light weight. In order to fuel their hyperactive metabolism, Toydarians would eat concentrated foods and egg-seeds, that is why most of the bloodiest wars in their history were fought over food supplies.
Toydarian Soldier Watto (84093) Watto : Mos Espa Junk Dealer (02-50)
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Toydarian Soldier
Watto (84093)
Watto : Mos Espa Junk Dealer (02-50)
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