Trail of Ruin (4)Full unit name: Trail of Ruin (Tatooine)
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Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
Relations: Tatooine
It was one of missions that was executed by Republic Operatives during the Cold War on Tatooine. As they passed through the Camp Karnori, the operatives were approached by a local militiaman named Dak Williks. He asked for their help with cleaning up the dead and treating the wounded. His partner, Jerol Nex, on the contrary, said that they needed help to drive off the Sand People who caused all this. He added that they had already lost more than ten people and until the Sand People were stopped the death toll would continue to rise. Williks said that he wouldn't send inexperienced militiamen, because they were more farmers than soldiers. Nex argued that it would be better to ask the operatives to help with the Sand People instead of asking them to play doctors and morticians. The operatives agreed to help and raid a nearby Sand People camp to reduce their numbers. They went to the camp and attacked the Sand People there, killing many tusken lookouts and attackers, along with their domesticated rills. When they returned, Williks and Nex were ready to start the complete evacuation of Camp Karnori. Upon learning that the Sand People had been defeated Nex offered the reward, but the operatives refused to take it, saying that the settlers would need the credits more than they did. Both Williks and Nex thanked the operatives and they parted ways.
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Full unit name: Trail of Ruin (Tatooine) Last updated: 03.08.2022 23:09:52