Twin Suns Transport Services (4)Full unit name: Twin Suns Transport Services
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First appearance: Star Wars : X-Wing Alliance (Video Game)
Twin Suns Transport Services was a small shipping company owned by the Azzameen family. The company headquarters space station also served as the family's home. Other assets included a repair yard in a nearby system that also turned a tidy profit fixing-up other ships that didn't belong to the company or want to pay the Viraxo's repair fees. They also employed a wide variety of freighters, ranging from YT-1300 light freighters to Gallofree Yards medium transports and protected them with highly capable Toscan snubfighters. The family's company was a rival of Viraxo Industries, as they worked the same area of space, but during the Galactic Civil War Tomaas Azzameen was trying to compromise with them. However it was not easy; Aeron Azzameen discovered that Viraxo was planting spice in their containers. This meant that their storage area was compromised, which led to the relocation of all the containers. The Azzameens then staged a quick hit-and-fade to cover returning the spice to its original owners and attract an Imperial fleet, which would throughly search the area and find the contraband. It was hoped that the Viraxo would be put out of business, and while that didn't happen, it undoubtedly cost the Viraxo a fortune in bribes and fines.


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Full unit name: Twin Suns Transport Services Last updated: 09.07.2022 17:46:46