Lilit Twoseas (2)
Basic info
First appearance: Jedi Council : Acts of War
Species: Human
Died: Battle of Yinchorr
Relations: Jedi Order
Events: Second Mission to Yinchorri System, Battle of Yinchorr
Known Facts (3)
Second Mission to Yinchorri System (1)
Battle of Yinchorr (2)
Lilit Twoseas was a female Human Jedi Knight serving the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. She was the master of the famed Jedi K'Kruhk. Twoseas and her student volunteered to accompany the Master Windu, on a perilous journey to the Yinchorri system to quell the pan-galactic uprising plaguing the region. Twoseas joining Micah Giiett and Plo Koon to locate the rumored command center on the planet Yibikkoror. When their ship came under fire, the Jedi crash-landed on a lone floating city and began to spread out in search of the command center. Deducing that it was not located on Yibikkoror, the Jedi called for Master Eeth Koth's team to rescue them, as they came under siege by Yinchorri warriors. Safely aboard Koth's shuttle, the Jedi team headed to Yinchorr to assist Master Windu's team. On the ground, Twoseas and her Padawan engaged the enemy, fighting their way to their besieged comrades. As they regrouped and headed back to their escape shuttle, K'Kruhk was surrounded by Yinchorri and would have soon been overwhelmed. Unable to standby and do nothing, Twoseas dove into the conflict and jumped in front of a blade meant for the Whiphid's heart. The blade pierced her shoulder, as a second impaled her chest. Picking up her blood-covered form, K'Kruhk and the other Jedi fled to the ship and departed the world.


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Second Mission to Yinchorri System
Events (2)

Battle of Yinchorr | Yinchorri Crisis

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