Djulla Tyerell (1)
Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Species: Aleena
Family Relations
Daughter of: Ratts Tyerell, Mrs. Tyerell
Sister of: Deland Tyerell, Doby Tyerell
Tyerell's Family
Djulla Tyerell was a female Aleena who was sold into slavery after her father, Ratts Tyerell, died in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace of 32 BBY. When Djulla's uncle sold her to Sebulba, her brother Deland Tyerell tried to free her by beating Sebulba's son Hekula in a celebrated though illegal podrace at the Great Dordon Caves on the outskirts of Euceron City during the Galactic Games of 26 BBY. Unfortunately, Sebulba broke Deland's arm before the race, and all Djulla's hopes seemed lost. But to help them, Anakin Skywalker raced Deland's podracer in his stead, beating Hekula and thereby gaining Djulla's freedom.


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