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First appearance: Knights of the Old Republic 2 : The Sith Lords (Video Game)
To most inhabitants of the galaxy, members of the enigmatic Ubese, or Ubesian, species were generally known as mysterious wanderers and nomadic savages. Their xenophobic nature made them ideally suited for professions such as mercenaries or bounty hunters. Normally, they were a very aggressive people, though loyal to one another. The Ubese homeworld was little known to the rest of the galaxy, as they tended to be very secretive, associating only within their own circles. The Ubese were near-Humans who appeared graceful but frail. They tended to have fair skin and dark hair, with eye colors of brilliant green or blue. They could not grow any facial hair. Their facial structure was narrow, with high cheekbones and eyes that appeared much too large for their faces when compared to baseline Humans. Males and females of the species both stood roughly the same height - around 1.4 meters to 1.9 meters - with males being slightly heavier of build than females. Their vocal cords could not produce speech above a rasping whisper sound, so they used a highly refined form of sign language called Ubeninal when communicating with other Ubese. After centuries of having scratched a tenuous existence breathing the parched and oxygen-poor air on their planet, the "true" Ubese from Uba IV had to use specially tuned breath masks or filters to process Type I atmospheres. Few beings, however, knew what an Ubese looked like - they rarely, if ever, appeared to non-Ubese unless concealed by masks, battle armor, or enviro-suits. Those who have interacted face to face with an Ubese have not recognized them as such, because there are no records in any databases that describe their appearances.


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Boushh Boushh, Ubese Hunter Boushh Helmet 0684 : Unit : Boushh
SWM Bounty Hunters
SWM Dark Times
Mini Helmet Collection 2
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Boushh, Ubese Hunter
Boushh Helmet
0684 : Unit : Boushh
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Boushh | Bounty Hunter

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Boushh | Bounty Hunter

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Boushh | Bounty Hunter | Black Sun

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