Ubrikkian Minstrel-class Space Yacht (2)
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First appearance: Dark Forces (Video Game)
Relations: Ubrikkian Industries
An Ubrikkian Industries design, the Minstrel-class space yacht was powered by a pair of Ubrikkian N2 ion engines, and supplemented by three smaller Kuat T-c40 ion engines, affording the vessel a sublight speed roughly equivalent to that of a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Two rear vanes acting as ailerons, and side-mounted maneuvering jets mounted on six retractable rods helped the yacht reach an atmospheric top speed of eight hundred kilometers per hour. The vessel had a relatively slow Class Two hyperdrive rating thanks to a Koensayr CL-14 hyperdrive motivator slaved to a standard Ubrikkian hyperdrive unit. Some yachts, such as the one customized by Jabba the Hutt for personal use, were armed with six turbolasers that, while within civilian limits, had capabilities that far exceeded reasonable expectations.


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