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First appearance: Marvel Star Wars 07 : New Planets, New Perils
Verpine were an insectoid sentient species from the Roche asteroid field. Best known for their technological aptitude, the Verpine were considered to be among the finest starship engineers in the galaxy. Verpine were thin bipedal insectoids, standing 1.9 meters tall on average. Unlike many insectoids, including the Kibnon to which they were distantly related, the Verpine had only four limbs (two arms and two legs), though there were instances of Verpine growing vestigial wings. Their heads were dominated by large compound eyes. They also had two antennae, one located behind each eye. Their hardened carapace, composed of a green chitinous substance called carahide, was as flexible as the skin of other creatures, yet tough enough to deflect a blade or even absorb a glancing blaster bolt. The Verpine circulatory system did not contain a heart - at least, not an organ which Human physiologists would identify as a heart. Verpine eyes were keen enough to pick out microscopic details. Their antennae contained tympanic nerves which picked up sound. Their antennae were also sensitive to radio waves, giving Verpine the natural ability to sense and transmit radio waves to communicate with another Verpine in their language over distances on the order of one hundred kilometers. Some observers mistook this nearly instant, silent communication for true telepathy. Thanks to their natural radio communication network, their colonies were run as a consensus democracy, with all Verpine instantly consulted on questions affecting the hive.


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Full unit name: Verpine Last updated: 29.10.2023 13:12:48