Verse (1)
Basic info
First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Species/Type: Human
Relations: Royal Naboo Handmaidens
Verse was a Human female who served as one of Senator Padme Amidala's handmaidens during the end of the Separatist Crisis. Like all the other handmaidens, Verse was trained in self-defense and marksmanship. Her rigorous training was supervised by Amidala's head of security, Captain Typho. In 22 BBY, Amidala was en route to the Galactic Senate for the vote on the Military Creation Act, which she was firmly opposed to. Verse accompanied her fellow handmaiden, Corde, to Coruscant while the latter was impersonating Amidala and their mistress was posing as a starfighter pilot flying escort for the Naboo Royal Cruiser. Upon their arrival, Verse, Corde, and five Naboo guards were killed in the assassination attempt meant for Amidala, courtesy of bounty hunter Zam Wesell.
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