Wampa (pilot) (3)
Basic info
First appearance: Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Miniatures Game
Species/Type: Human
Relations: Imperial Fighter Pilot, 61st Squadron (Black Squadron)
The nicknamed "Wampa" was a TIE pilot who served aboard the Super-class Star Destroyer Executor during the time frame surrounding the Battle of Endor. One of the pilots who flew Black 11 and was known as "Wampa" for icy precision in battle. She often served as escort to Darth Vader's shuttle.
Notable appearances: In 4 ABY, shortly before battle of Endor, she piloted one of two TIE Fighters escorting Vader's shuttle from Avenger to Death Star II over Endor when Vader arrived to put battle station construction back on schedule.

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same art as for Scourge, possibly used by mistake
same art as for Chaser from 1st edition

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