Warthog (CP) (1)
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First appearance: The Clone Wars 01 : Shipyards of Doom
Species: Human (Clone)
Relations: GAR Clone Pilot, 104th Battalion


"Warthog" was the nickname of a veteran clone trooper pilot who served in the Republic Navy's Hunter Squadron during the Clone Wars, often as the wingman to Jedi General Plo Koon. Born on Kamino, Warthog became a skilled starfighter pilot and joined his clone trooper brethren in a number of engagements against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He became good friends with fellow pilot Tracer, who served as the tail gunner for his BTL-B Y-wing starfighter during their service in Hunter Squadron. Warthog piloted his Y-wing during the Battle of Gwori of 22 BBY, serving under Jedi Masters Koon and Saesee Tiin to cripple the planet Gwori's Separatist shipyards. Although the mission was a success, Warthog lost Tracer to enemy fire from a Vulture droid starfighter while withdrawing from Gwori. At the First Battle of Felucia in 21 BBY, Warthog flew a V-19 Torrent starfighter, working with Koon to provide starfighter cover for a convoy of LAAT/i gunships. Warthog and Koon safely escorted the gunships to the surface of Felucia, where they rescued a Republic battle group that had been overrun by the Separatist Droid Army. Besides serving in Hunter Squadron, Warthog was often attached to Clone Commander Wolffe's 104th Battalion, providing aerial support or piloting one of the unit's gunships. The latter was the case during a supply mission to Aleen, where Warthog ferried 104th troops and relief supplies. Flying a nimble clone Z-95 starfighter, Warthog joined Koon in leading a starfighter assault on a slave processing facility on Kadavo, where the Separatist-allied Zygerrian Slave Empire had enslaved a number of Togruta colonists. Warthog and his Wolfpack pilots eliminated the Zygerrians' HH-87 Starhoppers and turbolaser defenses so that Admiral Barton Coburn could retrieve the Togrutas with the light cruiser Hand of Justice.


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"Warthog", Veteran of Kadavo | LAAT/i Gunship (Unique)
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LAAT | Can-cell (Creature) | Aleena | Aleen | Mission to Aleen | Wolfpack Squad | 104th Battalion

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