X2H-8 Overseer Droid (2)
Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
Parent Model: WARDEN-A01 Battle Droid
The X2H-8 Overseer Droid, also known as X2H-8 Electrodroid, was a model of supervisor droid based on WARDEN-A01 design that saw use during the Cold War. A number of X2H-8 Overseer Droids oversaw the work of S7-H7 Slicing Droids, BB-22 Salvage Droids, and JT-65 Salvage Droids in the Barasin Refuse Yards on the planet Balmorra. It was equipped with energy shield and reconstruction kit, which allowed it to perform field repairs. For combat purposes it had electropulse and ion weaponry.


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