Yavin Prime
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First appearance: A New Hope


Yavin Prime, also known as Yavin, was a bright red gas giant in the Gordian Reach sector (part of the Bright Jewel Oversector). It was located on the backward Gordian Reach, a hyperspace route from which the sector got its name. Yavin was best known for its moon, Yavin 4, which was the location of the Rebel Alliance's base prior to its discovery and near destruction in the Battle of Yavin. Of its overall total of 26, Yavin had two other moons that were habitable; Yavin 8 and Yavin 13. Yavin's atmosphere was made up of thick clouds swept about by violent, hurricane-force winds. Any craft that entered the atmosphere without the benefit of a tracking beacon would quickly become lost, its pilot disoriented by the buffeting winds. It was believed these storms lasted all the way to the surface without letting up. The immense atmospheric pressure was also something to contend with, and could easily crush an unprotected ship. It was for these reasons that Yavin was chosen as the initial location for disposing of the Imperial Sun Crusher superweapon. However, the Sun Crusher's superstrong hull proved resistant to Yavin's dense atmosphere and was quite space-worthy when later recovered by Kyp Durron.

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