Yorr (3)
Basic info
First appearance: Return of the Jedi
Species/Type: Human
Yorr was a Human male captain who served the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. He was a member of several important and influential organizations within the Empire such as the specialized Imperial Demonstration Team, and Onyx Squadron. He was also the pilot of Darth Vader's shuttle prior to the Battle of Endor. Yorr was a Human male who at some point before the Battle of Endor was a member of a specialized group within the Imperial Military known as the Imperial Demonstration Team. He also served as a test pilot on various TIE prototype starfighters. Yorr became a member of a starfighter squadron within in the Imperial Navy known as Onyx Squadron. During his time with Onyx squadron Yorr's call sign was Onyx 2, and he served alongside his wingman Colonel Jendon. He had scored at least twenty-four combat victories while he was still part of Onyx squadron. Because of the devastating blow to the Empire in the Battle of Yavin, Yorr was among the thousands of Imperial Academy cadets who were rapidly advanced into service. In 4 ABY Captain Yorr was the pilot of Darth Vader's shuttle, ST 321, on its way to the Imperial superweapon, Death Star II. Upon arriving at the station Yorr and his copilot Jendon made final readings, monitored descent functions. It was a sequence they'd each performed a thousand times. Yorr requested clearance to land and transmitted the transmission code. The port controller, Endicott, said that the shield would be deactivated when the code was confirmed. Biting the inside of his cheek and smiling nervously at Jendon, Yorr told him to hurry saying that their passenger was in no mood to wait.
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