Yushyn (1)
Yushyn was the boss of a Mining Guild Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery around the year 3 BBY. Staffed by Rodian employees, Yushyn's facility refined clouzon-36 gas, which was used as fuel by the Galactic Empire. When a group of space-faring creatures called purrgil began eating the gas, he ordered his staff to kill them to prevent losing the resource. During a round of purrgil shooting, the refinery was attacked by a band of rebels who were trying to steal some of the fuel for the Rebellion and their own starship, the Ghost. Yushyn was dragged down into the planetoid's depths by a purrgil during the confrontation, which ended with the rebels destroying the refinery and making off with the fuel.
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Overseer Yushyn, Overbearing Boss | Modified TIE/ln Fighter (Unique)
Overseer Yushyn, Overbearing Boss | Modified TIE/ln Fighter (Unique)
Mining Guild TIE Starfighter | Mining Guild | YV-666 Light Freighter | [Generic Space Station]

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