Zaaryn (1)
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First appearance: FFG Imperial Assault - Heart of the Empire
Species: Human
Relations: Imperial Officer
Events: Search for the Bardottan Sphere


Zaaryn was a human male Imperial officer who served the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Sometime before the battle of Yavin he served on Coruscant. He learned about the Bardottan sphere, powerful Force artifact, and decided to find it and present to the Emperor himself, dreaming of the possibility to be promoted to the head of ISB for his deeds. To achieve his goal he contacted Maul, a former Sith gone rogue, hoping that Maul's organization would be of help in finding the artifact. Indeed, with the help from Maul he was able to gain the information about the location of the artifact and even captured some members of the Rebel strike team sent to retrieve the artifact, but he failed to outpace Darth Vader - who was after the artifact himself - in retrieving the shard from its hidden place in the old Jedi Temple. It is unknown if he was promoted or disciplined for such doubtful success after that.

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On the Trail
On the Trail
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Search for the Bardottan Sphere | Rodian | Imperial Officer | Coruscant | Duro

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