Akal Zed (1)
Basic info
First appearance: Operation Elrood (West End Games)
Species: Human
Relations: Imperial Officer, Stalker
Events: Battle of Hoth, Battle over Endor
Known Facts (2)
Battle of Hoth (1)
Battle over Endor (1)
Akal Zed was the captain of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Stalker, part of Villis Andal's fleet in the Elrood sector. He had a great rivalry with Tanda Pryl, captain of the Thunderflare, whom he considered to be incompetent and unfit. Zed was raised in a militaristic household and earned his first command following meritorious performance aboard the Carrack-class cruiser Seswennan Nightcloak during the Battle of Fleyars IV. After earning command of the Stalker, he botched a pacification operation on Valera and was reassigned to Elrood sector. Thereafter, Zed resolved to regain the trust of Imperial High Command by keeping Elrood sector secure.
Captain Zed's Star Destroyer was later reasigned to Darth Vader's Death Squadron. Zed survived the Battle of Endor but refused to obey the new fleet commander, Gilad Pellaeon, after the battle. He instead opted to return to the Elrood sector with his ship.


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