Zero Protocol (24)
Basic info
First appearance: The Old Republic
Happened during: Shattering the Peace (Nar Shaddaa)
Previous event: Building a Better Beast (Nar Shaddaa)
Next event: 6th Battle of Ruusan
Relations: Nar Shaddaa
Known Facts (1)
It was a mission carried out by a team of Imperial Operatives on Nar Shaddaa during the Cold War. It happened during the campaign to undermine Republic advances on Nar Shaddaa. Commander Stron under orders from Imperial Intelligence asked the operatives to find and eliminate enigmatic slicer, Zero. His attacks were compromising critical Imperial military data going through Central Hub Prime. Zero was dangerous, he said, they sent termination squad after him, none returned. He suggested to physically implant tracer spikes in three computers through which Zero sent his signal, which should be enough to triangulate his position and neutralize him. The operatives agreed and set off on a mission. Passing through Data Systems Infrastructure area, they were attacked by renegade droids of so-called Free Droid Enclave, who terrorized all Systech quarter. Battling through various battle, assassin, industrial, war, probe and even astromech droids of the Enclave, they planted all three spikes and determined the location of Zero's hideout in Grid Databanks area. Passing through Infrotech Plaza and Killing more and more renegade droids, they continued towards their destination. When they entered Grid Databanks, they encountered huge R4-GL battle droid, but decided against attacking it and stealthly passed by. Finally they reached the location where Zero was supposed to be hiding. Entering his lair they were surprised to see that Zero was actually a droid himself, guarded by several of his elite protectors - heavy war droids armed with ion weapons, flamethrower-equipped heavy assaults droids armed with electroblades and assassin droids, armed with assault cannons. The operatives engaged them and soon several droid's scrap heaps were all what left of infamous slicer and his organization. They returned to Commander Stron, who at first did not believe the fact that Zero was a droid, but then thanked the operatives and assured them that the Empire would raid the Free Droid Enclave to ensure that such threats would not arise again.
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