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First appearance: The Approaching Storm
Ansion was a planet in the Mid Rim near Vortex and Bilbringi, located on the Namadii Corridor. Ansion was a world of rolling plains, grassy fields, and wide valleys. Due to the high winds that swept the planet's surface, the extensive animal life on the world adapted to ride the winds or withstand it on the ground. Mammals such as the mountable suubatar and sadain, the domesticated surepp, the enormous lorqual and the predatory shanh, were all built with thick hides and strong legs to propel them along the windswept grasslands. The avian ongun-nur adapted to the skies with large wings, allowing it to ride the air currents with ease. Other bizarre creatures include the water-dwelling, community-minded gairk, which captured unwitting victims by working in succinct with other members of its species. The kyren swarms were known to darken the skies over the valleys, as they moved about the world. Plant life on the world was largely limited to low-standing shrubs and grasses, though there were small stands of trees dotting the landscape. A uniquely adapted creature was the tumbleweed-like plant called the chawix, which used its many spiky growths to impale its prey as the wind carried it. Aside from the plains, volcanic vents often times opened up on the surface, billowing ash and smoke into the sky.


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