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Basic info
First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Was born on: Naboo
Was killed by: Darth Vader (Throne Room Duel)
Events: Yinchorri Crisis, Ambassadors to Naboo, Introducing Darth Maul (32BBY), Sidious sends Maul to Tatooine (32BBY), Arrival on Coruscant (32BBY), Palpatine meets Padme in His Office (32 BBY), Special Session of the Senate (32BBY), Palpatine's Nomination, Palpatine arrives on Naboo, Qui-Gon Jinn's funeral, Theed Celebration, Meeting in Palpatine's office (AOTC), Palpatine flattering Anakin (AOTC), Special Session of the Senate (AOTC), Anakin and Padme depart Tatooine, Senate oversees deployment of GAR, Battle of Coruscant (ROTS), Palpatine Reveals Himself (ROTS), Duel in Palpatine's office, Duel in the Senate (ROTS), Recovery on Mustafar (ROTS), Rise of Darth Vader, Search for the Bardottan Sphere, Emperor's Choice (EXT), Falcon's Escape, The Emperor arrives, Throne Room Duel
Known Facts (14)
Ambassadors to Naboo (1)
Introducing Darth Maul (32BBY) (1)
Anakin and Padme depart Tatooine (1)
Battle of Coruscant (ROTS) (2)
Duel in Palpatine's office (4)
Duel in the Senate (ROTS) (1)
  • Palpatine fought & defeated Yoda
Recovery on Mustafar (ROTS) (1)
The Emperor arrives (1)
Throne Room Duel (2)
Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, was a Force-sensitive Human male who served as the last Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and the first Emperor of the Galactic Empire. A Dark Lord of the Sith in the Order of the Sith Lords, recorded by history as the most successful who had ever lived, his deeds resulted in overthrow the ancient Republic and the noble Jedi Order from within. Noted for his sadistic and self-serving intentions just as well as his ability to conceal them, Palpatine impacted the galaxy perhaps more than any other single individual, and it is likely that his impact on history, for good or ill, is immeasurable.


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