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First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Relations: Kuat Drive Yards
Kuat Drive Yards
Events: Battle of Hoth
Battle of Hoth
Galactic Civil War
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Battle of Hoth (4)
The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker, also known as the Imperial Walker, was a major part of the Galactic Empire's motor-pool. Carrying a vast amount of fire power and being heavily armored, the AT-AT was arguably the most feared and effective land vehicle in the Imperial Army, and enjoyed a long life span, from the Clone Wars to the Second Imperial Civil War, over 150 years later. However, it was also known for its relatively slow speed. The AT-AT walker was a behemoth of a war machine, standing at a height of 22.5 meters. The quadrupedal walker closely resembled ancient beasts of war, or even a giant legendary beast from the dark side of the Force. Designed for the dual purpose of crushing and demoralizing enemy forces, and also serving as a transport for Imperial troops and light vehicles, the AT-AT was among the most astonishing vehicles in the Imperial Army's inventory. Hundreds of these walkers were produced during the Galactic Civil War, and its intimidating and powerful presence often earned it the distinction of being the first vehicle into a combat zone. Serving as the "head" of the mechanical walker was a movable command section containing the command cockpit, with room for the commander, pilot and gunner. The command section housed all of the AT-AT's weapon systems, as well as holographic targeting systems allowing the gunners a 360-degree view of their position. The cockpit was also equipped with a holoprojector for purposes of external communication. Forward visualization was supplied by a glowing red command viewport. The head could rotate as much as ninety degrees right or left and thirty degrees up or down for an expansive field of fire. Positioned above and below the command section was the walker's sensor array and blaster cannon energizer, respectively.


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Full unit name: AT-AT Last updated: 04.11.2022 21:00:31