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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Zabraks were a near-human carnivorous species native to the planet Iridonia. The species had distinctive horns atop their heads and two hearts. Although most male Zabraks lived on Iridonia, some lived on Dathomir under the rule of the Nightsisters. These Zabrak were known as the Nightbrothers and were bred with the Nightsisters. The Nightbrothers usually went under the name "Dathomirian." Zabraks fought against the Galactic Empire's attempts to undermine and subvert them, and instead of surrendering, many joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Zabraks were considered to be proud, self-determined, strong willed, defiant, and even arrogant to some, yet they nevertheless were one of the most independent species in the galaxy.


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