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First appearance: A New Hope
A New Hope
Native to: Riflor
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Advozsec (singular: Advozse) were a humanoid species, easily distinguished by the single horn on top of their hairless heads. Their home planet of Riflor
was geologically unstable, with frequent volcanic eruptions: a condition which shaped their culture and their place in the galaxy.
The Advozsec were evolved from herbivorous reptile-analogs which fed on the vegetation known to form around the planet Riflor's hot springs. Evolving into a class of reptomammal, the Advozsec had a single black horn at the crown of their heads, four digits on each hand and foot, pointed ears, and large black eyes. Their skin varied from yellow to dark brown. Advozsec were strictly vegetarian, being unable to properly digest meat. Nevertheless, at least some members of the species had sharp teeth.
The Advozsec home planet of Riflor was geologically unstable, with frequent volcanic eruptions. The geothermal hot springs that appear on their homeworld forced the species to evolve thick skin in order to survive. The large, black eyes of the Advozsec were adaptations to the clouds of volcanic ash which darkened Riflor's skies. Though they were most comfortable in the naturally dim light of their homeworld, Advozsec could adjust to levels of light found on other worlds with minimal discomfort.
In the times of Great Galactic War, in Republic space Advozsec were known as gifted starship engineers and reliable, if dour bureaucrats; to the Empire, their adaption to harsh environments - and cheap diet - made them appealing mercenaries and servants.


Known members
Bom Vimdin
Sawbones Gjonfs
Ledo Melnic
Vorgan the Volcano
Known for being a members of the following organizations
Advozse Hegemony
Migrant Merchants' Guild
Information Broker
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Full unit name: Advozse Last updated: 18.03.2024 23:14:41