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First appearance: A New Hope
Chadra-Fan were short, rodent-like humanoids, with bat-like faces. They hailed from the watery planet Chad. Chadra-Fan had seven different senses - sight, touch, taste, sound, smell, infrared sight, and chemoreceptive smell - all of which were much more acute than Human senses. They were usually no more than a meter tall, some depicted with plantigrade two-toed feet, while others seemed to have four-toed feet. The metabolism of Chadra-Fan was amazingly fast, allowing them to work almost constantly. They only slept in two hour naps during the day. Because of their metabolism, the average Chadra-Fan matured by age fifteen and rarely lived more than forty years. How Chadra-Fan perceive and respond to their fast-paced surroundings is due in part to their biology, not just their environmental experiences. The Chadra-Fan's senses are strangely unique - in particular those of sight and smell. The species' large black eyes can see into the infrared spectrum of light, giving them a marked advantage at night and in poorly lit areas. In addition, their olfactory sense is remarkably distinctive, the result of two sets of nostrils that each serves a separate specific function. The outer pair detect water-soluble scents like most humanoid species, while their inner nostrils control Chadra-Fan's chemoreceptive sense of smell. Chadra-Fan had two hearts, but would die in three days if one of the hearts failed. Chadra-Fan were covered from head to foot in fur. Their species evolved from small, arboreal rodents. The two different sexes of Chadra-Fan were indistinguishable to other species, though the Chadra-Fan could readily tell the difference using their powerful sense of smell. If a male and a female Chadra-Fan were interested in one another, they released special pheromones that relayed their feelings. Chadra-Fan also had involuntary pheromones that conveyed information about their family line and created an aura of attractiveness. Other voluntary pheromones often conveyed a Chadra-Fan's state of emotion-anger, fear, or joy. Chadra-Fan even created more complex messages using their pheromones, though the pheromones when mixed sometimes caused confusion. They were unique in the fact that they had clear blood.


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Chadra-Fan Pickpocket Kabe and Muftak (84071) Worth Every Credit (Any Scum Figure) Civil Unrest | Taris - Outskirts 0537 : Objective : Findsman's Intuition
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Chadra-Fan Pickpocket
Kabe and Muftak (84071)
Worth Every Credit (Any Scum Figure)
Civil Unrest | Taris - Outskirts
0537 : Objective : Findsman's Intuition
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