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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
The Troigs were a two-headed, multi-limbed, sentient species from the planet Pollillus. The majority of Troigs had two heads and four arms, with one head controlling one set of arms independently of the other; nevertheless, most Troigs had only one primary hand and three off hands. Each head exhibited its own personality and volition. For a two-headed Troig, the Saprin, or right head, was thought to be the source of qualities such as loyalty, faith, and cunning, while the Saprah, or left head, was the source of features such as love, anger, and passion. Troigs with more than two heads were rare but celebrated in Troig culture. Heads remained constantly aware of one another, a circumstance that afforded members of the species great awareness of their surroundings. Each head had its own name; the full being took his or her name by joining the heads' names with the infix sin. For instance, a Troig with heads named Fode and Beed became Fodesinbeed when referred to as a single entity.
The species was discovered by the wider galaxy shortly before the Invasion of Naboo of 32 BBY. The Troigs proved eager to explore the stars, and several emigrated from their homeworld. They exhibited great capacity to learn languages, and scientists remarked that if only one of a Troig's heads learned a language, the whole being could comprehend it. One of the first to explore the galaxy was a Troig known as Fodesinbeed Annodue, who eventually became famous as the preeminent Podracing commentator in the galaxy. Another Troig, AndroosinLiann, hosted the Eriadu-based talk show Essence. In the latter years of the Galactic Republic, the Troig Dwuirsintabb made headlines when the head Dwuir requested surgical separation from his partner head, Tabb. Medical technology remained incapable of accommodating the request without killing one of the heads even into the regime of the Galactic Empire.


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