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First appearance: Return of the Jedi
Return of the Jedi
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The Cold War (2)
  • Veedo was a member of Trader
  • Grymarch was a member of Trader
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  • Grymarch was a member of Trader
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Crisis in Galactic City (1)
Boontha Eve Classic (32BBY) (1)
  • Mawhonic was among the crew of Podracer
Battle at the Sarlacc's Pit (2)
The Gran were sentient mammalian humanoids native to the planet Kinyen, though they had colonies across the galaxy, including settlements on the planets Hok and Malastare
. Gran could easily be identified by their three eyes and their goat-like snout. Female Gran also had three breasts. Gran were also able to sense one another's emotions and disposition by noting subtle changes in body heat and skin color. The Gran had excellent vision, able to resolve more colors than most species, and even able to see into the infrared. Gran had two stomachs, having evolved from herbivorous grazing animals who lived in herds on the mountains and highlands of Kinyen, surviving on the local silvergrass, for which Gran kept their taste. Gran chewed and digested their food quite slowly, savoring the flavor carefully. A single meal could take almost an entire day to finish, but a Gran would often not need to eat for several days afterwards. A recessive genetic mutation sometimes caused some Gran to suffer from misshapen extremities, with hands and feet swelling to abnormal sizes. While not affecting the individual's ability to do finer work, the handicap nonetheless often resulted in social isolation. Gran scientists intently studied the trait to attempt to find a cure.


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Republic Senate
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H2 Heavy Blaster
H2 Heavy Scattergun
L3 Electroblade
L1 Jedi Lightsaber
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Full unit name: Gran Last updated: 12.07.2024 13:45:07