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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
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Star Wars The Complete Saga (Blu Ray)
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Tholothians were the native species of Tholoth, they were seemingly ageless Near-Humans from Tholoth. They were dark-skinned, often with blue or indigo-colored eyes. Several Tholothian females served in the Jedi Order leading up to and during the Clone Wars. Adi Gallia was a Jedi Master and a leading member of the Jedi High Council, while her cousin Stass Allie was her successor on the Jedi Council following her death during the war. The Tholothian Katooni, a Jedi Initiate, underwent her Jedi training during the war, participating in The Gathering to build her lightsaber.


Known members
Stass Allie
Adi Gallia
Known for being a members of the following organizations
Jedi Order
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Full unit name: Tholothian Last updated: 25.11.2023 21:59:34