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First appearance: A New Hope
A New Hope
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Taris Resettlement Initiative (2)
Mantellian Separatist Crisis (4)
Landing Party (1)
Desperate Times (1)
Hungry for Information (1)
Security Breach (1)
Deadly Delivery (1)
Hitting Where It Hurts (1)
Esseles incident (1)
Dark Tidings (1)
Raid on Emperor's Glory (1)
Crisis in Galactic City (1)
Bringing Down the Hammer (Republic) (1)
Bringing Down the Hammer (1)
Republic's Most Wanted (1)
The Senator's Stolen Goods (1)
For Better or Worse (1)
Cantina Contusions (1)
Peace is a Lie (1)
The Politics of Dissent (1)
Rebuilding Coruscant (1)
Hydrosupply Leak (1)
Follow the Money (1)
The Flow of Goods (5)
The Freightskippers (1)
The Face Merchants (1)
The Pickup (1)
Boom (1)
Partial Eclipse (1)
Secret Passages (1)
Ugnaught Saboteurs (1)
White Noise (1)
Justicar Injustice (1)
Trouble in Deed (1)
A Diverting Assignment (1)
Killed in Custody (1)
Power Outage (1)
Planetary Checkup (1)
Meltdown (1)
Core Dump (1)
Enemy Droid-Machines (1)
Enemies of the Republic (1)
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Insult to Injury (1)
Reconstruction Efforts (1)
Fall of the Locust (1)
Reclaiming What's Ours (1)
Prized Possessions (1)
Beyond Redemption (1)
Wake of the Spire (1)
Fallen Stars (1)
The Corpse Counters (1)
Legacy of Death (1)
Pirate Medicine (1)
Last Battle of the Endar Spire (1)
Burial Grounds (1)
Catalyst (1)
AWOL (1)
Total Elimination (1)
Mission to the ChemWorks Factory (1)
Supplies and Demands (1)
The Archive (1)
Rakghoul Release (1)
Chasing History (1)
Mission to Transport Station 5 (1)
More Reconstruction Efforts (1)
Mission to the Northeast Tularan Region (1)
Missing Link (1)
Making Trouble (1)
Future Threat (1)
The Thrill of Discovery (1)
Power Flux (1)
The Loudest Bait (1)
Operation Salvage (1)
Disease on a Distant World (1)
Suicide Mission (1)
Indelicate Operation (1)
Hoth Confrontation (2)
Escape from Mos Eisley (2)
Mission to Commenor (1)
Escape from Myrkr (4)
A smuggler, also known by the euphemism free trader, was someone who engaged in the clandestine shipment of goods or people to prevent taxation or some other impediment. The goods shipped were often highly illegal or banned in some sectors. Weapon smugglers were referred to as gun runners.
Whenever governments restricted certain goods on their worlds, demand for these items increased. Once demand turns profitable, enterprising starship captains risked everything to deliver the goods in question.
Most careers in smuggling were fast-paced, thrilling and often short-lived. Running contraband not only placed a smuggler at odds with a planet's law enforcement, but its criminal elements as well. Pirates
, gangsters, revolutionaries and bounty hunters
Bounty Hunter
were just a few of the hazards standing between a smuggler and that big payday. Only those who possessed the sharpest instincts, sturdiest freighters and quickest blasters lived long enough to earn a good living at this game.
Not all smugglers were profiteers. Some styled themselves as heroic blockade runners or patriotic privateers, delivering hope and much-needed supplies to those who needed it. And that was also exactly how the real criminal types described themselves, and law enforcement officers rarely accepted "I was serving a noble cause" as an excuse.


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Full unit name: Smuggler Last updated: 11.06.2024 0:23:44