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First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Empire Strikes Back
Native to: Trandosha
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Clear Out the Forge (1)
The Forge (1)
Keshk's Last Stand (1)
Horranth Control (1)
The Arrival (1)
Esseles incident (1)
Dark Tidings (1)
Raid on Emperor's Glory (1)
Crisis in Galactic City (1)
Bringing Down the Hammer (Republic) (1)
Bringing Down the Hammer (2)
Secret Signals (1)
Republic's Most Wanted (1)
The Senator's Stolen Goods (1)
For Better or Worse (1)
Cantina Contusions (1)
Peace is a Lie (1)
The Politics of Dissent (1)
Rebuilding Coruscant (1)
Hydrosupply Leak (1)
Follow the Money (1)
The Flow of Goods (1)
The Freightskippers (1)
The Face Merchants (1)
The Pickup (1)
Boom (1)
The Coming Darkness (1)
Partial Eclipse (1)
Secret Passages (1)
Shadows (1)
Ugnaught Saboteurs (1)
White Noise (1)
Justicar Injustice (1)
Trouble in Deed (1)
A Diverting Assignment (1)
Killed in Custody (1)
Ancient Secrets (1)
Power Outage (1)
Planetary Checkup (1)
Meltdown (1)
Core Dump (1)
Enemy Droid-Machines (1)
Enemies of the Republic (1)
Core Complications (1)
Insult to Injury (1)
Operation Midnight Freedom (1)
Reconstruction Efforts (1)
The Expedition (1)
Fall of the Locust (2)
Reclaiming What's Ours (1)
Prized Possessions (1)
Beyond Redemption (1)
Wake of the Spire (1)
Fallen Stars (1)
The Corpse Counters (1)
Legacy of Death (1)
Pirate Medicine (1)
Last Battle of the Endar Spire (1)
Burial Grounds (1)
Catalyst (1)
AWOL (1)
Total Elimination (1)
Mission to the ChemWorks Factory (1)
Supplies and Demands (1)
The Archive (1)
Rakghoul Release (1)
Chasing History (1)
Mission to Transport Station 5 (1)
More Reconstruction Efforts (1)
Mission to the Northeast Tularan Region (1)
Missing Link (1)
Making Trouble (1)
Future Threat (1)
The Thrill of Discovery (1)
Power Flux (1)
The Loudest Bait (1)
Operation Salvage (1)
Disease on a Distant World (1)
Suicide Mission (1)
Indelicate Operation (1)
Falcon's Escape (1)
Battle of Phaeda (1)
Battle over Phaeda (1)
Trandoshans, or T'doshok in Dosh, were large, bipedal reptilian humanoids from the planet of Trandosha
. They had sensitive eyes that could see into the infrared range and the ability to regenerate lost limbs - albeit slowly - and were anatomically built heavier and stronger than most humanoids, including Humans. They would also periodically shed their skin. Unlike some other reptilian humanoids, such as the Barabels
Sentient Species
and the Ssi-ruuk, Trandoshans had no tails. The Trandoshans were a warlike species who allied early with the Empire, taking Wookiees
Sentient Species
as slaves. A notable Trandoshan was Bossk
Supporting Characters
, who was a longtime enemy of Han Solo
Han Solo
Major Characters
, Chewbacca
Major Characters
the Wookiee, and Boba Fett
Boba Fett
(Human (Clone))
Major Characters
, as well as the infamous slaver Pekt. As a species, they were renowned across the galaxy for great strength. This is evidenced by several members of other species boasting physical prowess and power by having defeated a Trandoshan, either in battle or in a contest of strength.
The Saurin were a Trandoshan subspecies who hailed from the planet Durkteel, in the Kastolar sector of the Kashyyyk Region. Reptilian like the mainline Trandoshans of Trandosha, the Saurin shared knobby, scaly skin; broad, flat noses; wide, gaping mouths; and sharp, jagged teeth with their cousins. In contrast, however, the Saurin had five-fingered hands instead of the Trandoshans' three digits (plus opposable thumb).


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Known members
Qyzen Fess
Gha Nachkt
Sish Sadeet
Known for being a members of the following organizations
Coruscant Aegis
New Republic Military
The Locust Scavengers
Bounty Hunter
Barsen'thor's Followers
Tython Jedi Duo
Republic Operatives
Joint Strike Team
Known weapons or equipment, usually of those who were not members of any organization
SSK Heavy Blaster (L9)
Relby-v10 Micro Grenade Launcher
L4 Electroblade
L1 Electrostaff
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