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First appearance: A New Hope
The Kubaz or Kubazian were an insectivorous species native to the planet Kubindi in the Outer Rim Territories. Although relatively new to the galactic community at the time of the institution of the Galactic Empire, the species was already ubiquitous throughout the Republic during the Great Galactic War and the Clone Wars. A bipedal humanoid species of mammalian sentients, the Kubaz were distinctive for their short, prehensile facial snouts which were used for reaching insects within their hives. Having adapted to their sun-scorched, vegetation-deprived world, the Kubaz learned to survive off their world's native insect population. Filled with two rows of teeth for gnashing their food, the Kubaz trunk also functioned as a highly sensitive nose. Green-black skinned, Kubaz had short bristly hair growing from their heads and they stood upon two-toed feet. Having evolved on their homeworld of Kubindi, a planet which orbited a blue star, the Kubaz were highly sensitive to red wavelengths. When traveling to planets with a red or yellow star, the Kubaz were forced to don protective eye wear to avoid damaging their sensitive eyes.


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