Thweek (1)
Basic info

First appearance: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game : The Long Arm of the Hutt
Species/Type: Kubaz
Relations: Hutt Cartel


Thweek was a male Kubaz spy and henchman employed by Teemo the Hutt to oversee the shadier aspects of his business enterprises. Thweek had a deep hatred of insectoid species and once killed a Geonosian named Sivor after he had been forced to fight in a gladiatorial match for Teemo the Hutt's amusement. Thweek owned a customized G1-M4-C Dunelizard fighter which he piloted when Teemo sent him to intercept the Krayt Fang on its way to Ryloth. He also owned a StarViper Mk. II. He wore laminate armor and carried a heavy blaster pistol.

Complete list

Thweek | StarViper (Unique)
Thweek | StarViper (Unique)
StarViper-class Attack Platform

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