Seevor (1)
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First appearance: Star Wars Rebels (TV Series)
Species: Trandoshan
Relations: Mining Guild
Seevor was a male Trandoshan who worked for the Mining Guild, like his father before him. He was in charge of Crawler 413-24, a mining vehicle. His family had worked for the Mining Guild for generations. In his crawler, while burning its way through the plains of Lothal's southern hemisphere, was hijacked by members of the Spectres, who needed to use its long-range communications equipment. Seevor was infuriated at the hijacking, and attempted to take all measures to regain control. After he was locked in a closet by Ezra Bridger, Seevor took advantage of his scrawny build to escape into the ventilation system and head to the reactor room. He disabled the reactors, intending to contact the Galactic Empire. However, Bridger followed him through the vents and fought him. During the fight, Seevor slipped on Ezra's lightsaber, which had been dropped on the floor, and died when he fell into the smelter as a result.


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Captain Seevor, Noisy Nuisance | Modified TIE/ln Fighter (Unique)
Captain Seevor, Noisy Nuisance | Modified TIE/ln Fighter (Unique)
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