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Basic info
First appearance: A New Hope
Native to: Ithor
Ithorians were a mammalian herbivorous sentient species from the planet Ithor. They were commonly called "Hammerheads" by less sensitive beings because of their long, curving neck and T-shaped head. They found this nickname offensive. Ithorians had two mouths and four throats, allowing them to speak in stereo. Female Ithorians had two humps on the back of their head, while males had only one. They had glossy, usually brown flesh. They stood roughly between 1.8 to 2.3 meters from eyestalk to toe. Their reflexes and coordination were somewhat slower than that of average humanoids. In addition to allowing them to speak their unique stereophonic language, the Ithorians' four throats also had the ability to violently expel air, resulting in a deafening and potentially concussive scream. Although even common Ithorians possessed this strange talent, those with Force training (such as Jedi Master
Jedi Order
Galaxy-Wide Organizations
Roron Corobb) could push enough power into their sonic bellow to shatter iron and shred plasteel. Despite this fact, most Ithorians went their entire lives without ever resorting to violence, and so the ability remained relatively ambiguous. Ithorian youths were known as "pupa," and were commonly glassy-eyed, appendageless and limber, until they metamorphosized. After the molt, Ithorians lost an aural flap and every locomotion tube, gained lumps, craters in their craniums and an appetite for ant-flies. An adult Ithorian could father several thousand offspring.


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Full unit name: Ithorian Last updated: 13.11.2022 23:01:06