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First appearance: Return of the Jedi
Was destroyed: Battle at the Sarlacc's Pit
Relations: Jabba the Hutt, Ubrikkian Industries
Events: Battle at the Sarlacc's Pit
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Battle at the Sarlacc's Pit (12)
The Khetanna (commonly referred to as simply Jabba's sail barge) was a Ubrikkian Industries Luxury sail barge, owned by the crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He used it to travel over the Dune Sea of Tatooine, and for pleasurable expeditions to the Great Pit of Carkoon. It was generally accompanied by two skiffs, which carried the Hutt's guards. The Khetanna was a modified luxury sail barge which had three decks with the upper one being covered by two large orange sails. The sails were primarily decorative, but they also protected passengers from the glaring light of Tatooine's twin suns and could propel the vessel at a moderate 30 km/h. The usual method of propulsion was a triple-chambered repulsorlift engine. The upper deck also had a small private lounge, which was used by Jabba's favorite henchmen and guests. As the vehicle was designed to transport sentient passengers for extended trips, the Khetanna's middle deck served as the passenger deck. This deck was highly ornate, decorated with sculptures, tapestries, and other symbols of wealth in order to impress Jabba's guests. Despite this, the Khetanna was actually somewhat under-furnished compared to other sail barges, the main luxury being its extensive galley to cater to Jabba's large appetite. A large portion of this deck was occupied by a large banquet room which could double as a throne room for Jabba and his entourage. Jabba used this deck when he ordered Luke Skywalker thrown into the Great Pit of Carkoon, and it was here that he died by strangulation at the hands of his newest slave girl, Leia. The mid-deck also held guest rooms, a lobby, Jabba's private quarters, a fully stocked and expanded kitchen, and the cockpit of the vehicle.


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