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First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Empire Strikes Back
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  • Qoussk was a member of Trader
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The Gands were a sentient species of humanoids that xenobiologists believed to have evolved from an insect genus that inhabited the ammonia-gas planet of Gand. Several physical varieties of the species existed, differing from one another in the structure of the head and the texture and color of the exoskeleton, but the species was usually divided into two main subspecies: those with lungs and those without. Gands with such organs were adapted to their homeworld's atmosphere, but like Kel Dor
Kel Dor
Sentient Species
s, required specialized breathing gear if they wanted to leave Gand to manage potentially poisonous offworld gas mixtures. Gands without lungs, however, did not respire and were immune to poisonous gases; thus they could venture offworld without worry of suffocation. Both races possessed an exoskeleton and regenerative properties. Gands were considered by galactic society to be a very humble species, a trait resultant of their culture, which dictated that an individual's identity had to be earned. Accordingly, most Gands were self-deprecating and polite, and usually referred to themselves in the third person. First-person pronouns were reserved for the most legendary of Gands, as the usage presumed that one was so renowned that everyone knew one's name. However, an accomplished Gand often responded with humility if praised and even downplayed his or her achievements.


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Gand Scavenger
Aulus G'luun
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Bounty Hunter
Known weapons or equipment, usually of those who were not members of any organization
H2 Heavy Blaster
GRS-1 Snare Rifle
L3 Electroblade
H1 Electrostaff
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Full unit name: Gand Last updated: 11.06.2024 23:33:53