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First appearance: A New Hope
A New Hope
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The Shistavanen, colloquially nicknamed wolfmen for their lupine appearance, were a sentient species from the planet Uvena Prime in the Uvena system. In addition to natural evolution, the Shistavanen species was shaped by unknown genetic engineers. Like many lupine species, Shistavanen had pronounced muzzles, sharp claws, long pointed teeth, and pointed ears set on top of their heads. Shistavanen also possessed large glowing eyes, and could also run at high speeds for long periods without getting tired, alternately using two or four limbs. As predators, they possessed keen senses of hearing and smell, and excellent night vision. However this also made them sensitive to light, sound and smell of the damaging type. Some, such as Caet Shrovl, could be albino (although she believed her condition to be the result of an experiment the Empire did on her mother, rather than natural causes).


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Voolvif Monn
Lak Sivrak
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Alliance Starfighter Corps
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Full unit name: Shistavanen Last updated: 13.02.2024 21:05:11