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Basic info
First appearance: Tales of the Jedi : Dark Lords of the Sith
Included into
Tales of the Jedi, Volume 2
Native to: Cathar
Known Facts (168)
Battle of Cathar (3973BBY) (1)
The Cold War (1)
Taris Resettlement Initiative (4)
The Spy (1)
The Ambush (1)
Mannett Point (1)
Flesh Eating Baby (1)
Oradam Village (1)
The Separatists' Stronghold (2)
The Coruscant Assignment (1)
Esseles incident (2)
Dark Tidings (2)
Raid on Emperor's Glory (2)
Crisis in Galactic City (2)
Bringing Down the Hammer (Republic) (2)
Bringing Down the Hammer (3)
Destroying the War Droids (1)
Republic's Most Wanted (2)
The Senator's Stolen Goods (2)
For Better or Worse (2)
Cantina Contusions (2)
Peace is a Lie (2)
The Politics of Dissent (2)
Rebuilding Coruscant (2)
Hydrosupply Leak (2)
Follow the Money (2)
The Black Sun's Poison (1)
The Freightskippers (2)
The Face Merchants (2)
The Pickup (2)
Boom (2)
Partial Eclipse (2)
Secret Passages (2)
The Senate Inquiry (2)
Kidnapping of Senator Krasul (1)
More Old Friends (1)
Ugnaught Saboteurs (2)
White Noise (2)
Justicar Injustice (2)
Trouble in Deed (2)
A Diverting Assignment (2)
Killed in Custody (2)
Assault on the Works (1)
Power Outage (2)
Planetary Checkup (2)
Meltdown (2)
Core Dump (2)
Enemy Droid-Machines (2)
Enemies of the Republic (2)
Core Complications (2)
Insult to Injury (2)
Public Relations (2)
Operation Midnight Freedom (1)
Reconstruction Efforts (2)
Welcome Party (1)
Lost and Found (1)
Fall of the Locust (2)
Reclaiming What's Ours (2)
Prized Possessions (2)
Beyond Redemption (2)
Fallenspire Stronghold (1)
Wake of the Spire (2)
Fallen Stars (2)
The Corpse Counters (2)
Legacy of Death (2)
Pirate Medicine (2)
Last Battle of the Endar Spire (2)
Burial Grounds (2)
An Imperial Presence (1)
Catalyst (2)
AWOL (2)
Total Elimination (2)
Mission to the ChemWorks Factory (2)
Supplies and Demands (2)
The Arrangement (1)
The Archive (2)
Rakghoul Release (2)
Chasing History (2)
Mission to Transport Station 5 (2)
A New Ally (1)
More Reconstruction Efforts (2)
Mission to the Northeast Tularan Region (2)
Missing Link (2)
Making Trouble (2)
Future Threat (2)
The Thrill of Discovery (2)
Power Flux (2)
The Loudest Bait (2)
Operation Salvage (2)
Disease on a Distant World (2)
Suicide Mission (2)
Indelicate Operation (2)
Hoth Confrontation (1)
The Cathar were a species of feline, bipedal humanoids native to Cathar
, a planet of savannas and rough uplands. They were known for their loyalty, passion, and temper. Quick and powerful, they were considered great warriors and dedicated, efficient predators. Cathar had high moral values, learned from both family and society. Their females were prized as slaves, whereas the males were generally regarded as too uncontrollable for slavery. The baseline Cathar had fur-covered bodies with thick manes. They had prominent, retractable claws that could deliver powerful killing attacks on foes and prey. On average, Cathar were 1.5 to 1.9 meters tall. These traits made them the perfect hand-to-hand specialists. The Cathar species had two subspecies, known as the Juhani and the Myr Rho. Both of these were notably less catlike than mainline Cathar. Cathar were born into a litter. The Cathar species was biologically similar to the Bothan
Sentient Species


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Known members
Aric Jorgan
Zorin Krasul
The Wolf
Known for being a members of the following organizations
Republic Senate
Republic Army
Havoc Squad
Coruscant Aegis
Jedi Order
Taris Resettlement Authority
White Maw
Republic Operatives
Joint Strike Team
Known weapons or equipment, usually of those who were not members of any organization
SSK Heavy Blaster (L9)
H2 Heavy Rifle
H3 Heavy Rifle
Republic Sniper Rifle
L3 Jedi Lightsaber
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