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First appearance: Attack of the Clones
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Star Wars The Complete Saga (Blu Ray)
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Togrutas were a carnivorous humanoid species from the planet Shili. The species exhibited head-tails which were similar to those of Twi'leks
Sentient Species
. Unlike Twi'leks, a Togruta's Head tails are part of their Montral and ran parallel to the head as opposed to behind, making it appear as though they were wearing a headdress. Togruta were also distinguished by montrals, large hollow horn-like projections from the top of their heads, that gave the species a form of passive echolocation. In order to protect themselves from dangerous predators, and to hunt their own prey, Togruta banded together in tribes and relied on their natural pigmentation to disrupt and confuse slow-witted beasts. Togruta worked well in large groups, and individualism was seen as abnormal within their culture, although it was also a necessary quality in leaders.
Togruta had rusty skin tones ranging in hue from blue to red to green, with white pigmentation on their faces, and greyish lips. While not all had this feature, white stripes also adorned various parts of their bodies, including their chests, legs, backs, arms and montrals, which included the horns to the lower head tails (not to be confused with the lekku of Twi'leks). The pattern of stripes varied from individual to individual. This red and white pattern was a phenotype left over from their ancestor's camouflage that helped them to blend in with their natural surroundings, especially the red-and-white turu-grass which dominated Shili's scrublands. The stripes on a Togruta's lekku or montral may become more radiantly colored after vigorous activity. This could be the equivalent of getting a red face.
Their heads bore two montrals, with three, and on rare occasions, four big head-tails, whose stripes were darker than those of the montrals. Togruta had the ability to sense the proximity and movement of physical objects around them by means of their hollow montrals, which detected space ultrasonically. Young Togrutas' montrals and posterior head-tail did not fully grow until adolescence, when their montrals became curved and their third head-tail grew to the length of their two main head-tails. As predators, Togrutas had sharp canine teeth, which they used to painlessly kill thimiars, their primary prey, causing the creatures' post-mortem death spasms. This gave outsiders the false impression that Togrutas were venomous. However, Togrutas did nothing to dispel this misconception and even took advantage of the intimidating presence it gave them. In addition, Togrutas were also capable of seeing objects, immensely far away from them, that would be too remote for any human to see.


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