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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
Quermians were a mammalian species of sentients hailing from the planet Quermia. Created by Arkanian scientists from the DNA of the Xexto race, the Quermians were designed to be taller than their fore-bearers and were left to evolve without any predators on their terraformed homeworld of Quermia. Equipped with long necks for peering over vegetation mats, bulbous heads with a permanently bemused smile, and two sets of spindly arms, they also had two brains, one located in the chest cavity. Their two brains could cause mental problems when each brain developed a different personality but also gave them a type of telepathy which they attributed to an ability to better observe and understand body language. Possessing no noses, the olfactory glands of this species were found in the hands.
It was widely believed among xenobiologists that Quermians had the ability to communicate telepathically with members of their own species. Their claim was justified by unusual brain activity in Quermians, initially believed to be a result of their genetic manipulation, though it was postulated that it was in fact a natural trait the Xexto would also pick up in time. The Quermians held that their keen ability to read one another's body language was mistaken for telepathy by observers.


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