Yinchorri (3)
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First appearance: Marvel Star Wars 86 : The Alderaan Factor
Native to: Yinchorr
The Yinchorri, or Yinchori, were a species of sentient, corpulent, turtle-like, green-skinned reptilians with an inherent immunity to telepathic uses of the Force, including mind tricks. They were born from eggs and had a great endurance when facing pain or heat. Native to the planet Yinchorr, the Yinchorri were divided into two castes: the Intelligentsia, who governed through the Council of Elders of each city-state, and a highly aggressive warrior caste. They were also known to value family ties. They had strong willpower that allowed them to resist attempts by slavers to enslave them. They also had the skill to develop specialized technology. However, they were poor strategists. Yinchorri culture was best characterized by the expression, "might makes right"; they considered anything they were able to take and hold by force to be rightfully theirs - anything they disliked was to be destroyed. They were commonly found as pirates, mercenaries or in other violent jobs. During the time of the Galactic Republic, the Yinchorri joined the galactic community but, being a potential threat, they were not provided with starships. Secretly motivated by Darth Sidious through his minion Vilmarh Grahrk, they unleashed a pan-galactic uprising that was only stopped when the Jedi Order became involved. Afterward, an embargo was placed on their homeworld. That was Sidious' plan. He had felt that both the Force-resistant Yinchorri and the Jedi could become a menace to his plan; by fighting each other, both sides would be weakened as a result. Later, the Galactic Empire took control of the Yinchorri system. Local Imperial Governor Marcellin Wessel betrayed the Yinchorri, killing their elders in a failed scheme to capture Princess Leia Organa. Enraged, the Yinchorri rebelled against the Empire. The galactic government answered their uprising by destroying the reptilians' civilization. Although the New Republic later helped the surviving Yinchorri retake control of their planet, the species refused to join another galactic government. Their planet eventually came within the area of control of the Empire of Darth Krayt.


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