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First appearance: The Phantom Menace
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Star Wars The Complete Saga (Blu Ray)
Native to: Thisspias
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Thisspiasians were an omnivorous, sentient species of reptiles from the planet Thisspias
. Thisspiasians were easily recognized by their abundant beards, which evolved to deter the biting cygnats of their homeworld, and their long tails, which reached lengths of two meters in most cases. These tails were very strong and were commonly used to carry large objects. When meditating or at rest, a Thisspiasian would coil their tail beneath their torso, reducing their height by half of a meter. Beside their flowing beards, Thisspiasians also had long hair surrounding their heads, with little of their faces showing other than their mouth and eyes. Their hair and the scales of their lower body were often of matching colors. They also possessed four arms, with the upper set being stronger and larger. Each of their four hands had five fingers, and each finger was tipped with a long, sturdy claw. It was thought unsophisticated or unseemly by upper-class Thisspiasians to have the bottom two visible in public, so they were generally hidden from sight via larger garments, with the smaller limbs sometimes even bound to their bodies. Since working-class Thisspiasians did not exhibit either the aversion to displaying their lower limbs nor the strength disparity between the two sets, it was thought by xenobiologists that it was due to a continuing evolution that the upper-class lost muscle strength. In combat, however, these customs were forgotten, and all four limbs were used to battle their opponents. Though they were omnivores, and typically consumed a fair amount of vegetables, due to their reptilian ancestry, Thisspiasians had a preference of eating live meals, such as insects, birds, and rodents. If needed, the jaw would unhinge at the joint, and the meal would be consumed whole. Also due to their ancestry, Thisspiasians would shed their skin every now and then, normally in spans of a few years each time. Instead of shedding the skin in one piece, though, they would cover themselves in oils and salves, taking away dead scales during times of personal grooming. Thisspiasians needed very little sleep to function normally, resting for only two hours a day. They did require periods of meditation, however, with these trances lasting five or six hours a day. A Thisspiasian who didn't meditate for the normal amount of time would be prone to bursts of exaggerated emotion.


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Oppo Rancisis
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Jedi Council
Jedi Order
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