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First appearance: The Phantom Menace


Lannik were short, bipedal humanoids with droopy, long ears and orange to reddish to purple and bluish tones to their skin. Their homeworld was Lannik. The Lannik were known for their bellicose society, and were seen to be fearless and sometimes hotheaded and arrogant. More often than not, Lannik kept clear heads in combat, and could deduce a solution to many dangerous situations. The Lannik were governed by the Lannik High Court. The Lannik homeworld was first discovered by a group of Human and Duros explorers, who brought high technology to Lannik. The natives' exposure to this technology split Lannik society into factions, each with its own thoughts on how to integrate that technology into their society. Conflicts raged on Lannik, forcing the intervention of several criminal groups, and finally, the Galactic Republic itself, which restricted the amount of technology exported to the planet. This did not go as planned, serving only to increase the amount of technology on Lannik, and also entrenched crime syndicates on the planet.

Known members or units

Piell, Even
Zash, Hutar

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Coruscant Air Taxi (V.TAX4) Mace Windu (C.MAC3) Even Piell Charge Pistol (Blaster-Pistol) 1027 : Unit : Lannik Lackey
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Coruscant Air Taxi (V.TAX4)
Mace Windu (C.MAC3)
Even Piell
Charge Pistol (Blaster-Pistol)
1027 : Unit : Lannik Lackey
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Piell, Even | Jedi Order

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