Wrist-mounted LauncherFull unit name: WML
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First appearance: Empire Strikes Back
Empire Strikes Back
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Wrist rocket launchers were miniaturized missile launchers capable of being worn on the wrist. They fired various types of wrist rockets, including darts and small missiles. They were a favorite of bounty hunters due to their discreet nature, versatility, and power.
There were various types of wrist rockets that were fired from a wrist rocket launcher, such as "dumb rockets" (missiles with no tracking ability) and homing missiles. The homing or heatseeker missiles combined the computer systems of both wristband and rocket to lock onto movement.


Organizations that used this weapon
Republic Army
Republic Army Research Division
Imperial Intelligence (Sith Empire)
Black Sun
Advozse Hegemony
Death's Claw
The Locust Scavengers
Characters who used this weapon
Watcher One
Jiinan E'ron
The Locust
Droid models that used this weapon
CRSEC-A01 Security Droid
MNG-A01 Assassin Droid
Sentient species who used this weapon
Compatible ammunition
Heatseeker Missile
Electro Dart
Sleep Dart
Toxic Dart
Carbonite Rounds

Full unit name: WML Last updated: 28.05.2024 14:31:18