Attack on Firith Olan's Hideout (Tatooine) (2)
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First appearance: Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron : Battleground : Tatooine
Relations: Tatooine
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Approx. sixth month after the battle of Endor Admiral Ackbar has sent Rogue Squadron on a mission to Tatooine to help a New Republic Intelligence agent investigating Imperial arms dealing, in case a strike force was required. While Wes Janson, Nep Dllr, Ilo Plourr, and Derek Klivian mixed with the locals in Mos Eisley to learn more about the ongoing gang wars, Antilles met up with Biggs Darklighter's father Huff alongside Tycho Celchu and Elskol Loro. The Intelligence agent turned out to be Winter, who helped Antilles secure valuable intelligence from Darklighter about an Imperial weapons cache and the location of the lost prototype strike cruiser Eidolon. The same intel data became known to Twi'lek gangster Firith Olan, who stole it from Darklighter only hours before.
As soon as Antilles deducted - with a help of Darklighter's orbital satellites and their thermal sensors - that the cache was actually hidden in Krayt dragon old cave, Rogue Squadron mounted an assault to prevent Olan's escape with its contents. Olan's TIE Interceptors which he just gathered from the cache were able to delay Rogues long enough for him to depart Tatooine in his transport, but his hideout was totally obliterated. Rogues pursued his transport to the orbit, but the arrival of Victory-class Star Destroyer Harrow under command of Marl Semtin forced them to abort the pursuit and return back to Tatooine.
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